On the Trust

The Trust on Agriculture and Sustenance was established to help ensure that a greater proportion of the world’s underserved communities grow what they need to support a humane existence. The Trust arose from a concern over long-term inequalities in the ability of communities and countries to sustainably produce and trade in agricultural commodities, at a level permitting basic sustenance and the enjoyment of other fundamental public and private goods. The geographic and economic focus here is on Africa and its global diasporas, but it is also on the most underserved, disenfranchised, and marginalized of the world's communities. In this way, the work and support of the Trust shall continue to function as direct attempts to reduce perennial differences in world-wide capacities to provide for adequate food, nutrition, long-term sustenance, and the bases for self-actualization.


The Trust’s Finances

The Trust on Agriculture and Sustenance was established as part of the Declaration of Trust of the Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Charitable Trusts, and is subject to the general fiduciary responsibilities outlined in the Declaration.

These include stipulations that limit appropriated spending in any given year to no more than 5% of the three-year average market value of the Trust’s current principal, with no less than half of such annual spending dedicated to work on continental Africa.

It is also expected that spending be overwhelmingly dedicated to directly benefiting low-income communities and individuals. Such stipulations are in line with best practices to ensure that the Trust continues to exist in perpetuity and that it continues to have assets to carry out its charitable purposes during that time.


The Trust’s Projects (Actual and Proposed)

The Database for Programs in Agriculture and Sustenance

The Report on Funding in Agriculture and Sustenance

The Fellowship in Agriculture and Sustenance

The Grant in Agriculture and Sustenance

The Newsletter on Agriculture and Sustenance