Below is a select listing of Ikoku's publications and talks, with links to audio, text or video where possible.

Articles & Essays

Journals of Literary and Cultural Criticism                                               

Reading Malaria Literature - Literature and Medicine, 34(1), Spring 2016: 205-234.

Forêts del sur and the Pretexts of Glissant's Tout-Monde - Small Axe, 19(2), Jul 2015: 1-28.

Articles & Essays

Journals of Medicine and Ethics  

with Char D, Lee SS, Rosenthal D, Magnus D. Can Destination Therapy Be Implemented in Children with Heart Failure? A Study of Provider Perceptions - Pediatric Transplantation, 20(6), Sept 2016: 819-824.

Conscience, Values, Justice in Savulescu - Virtual Mentor, 15(3), March 2013: 208-212.

Refusal in ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener’: Narrative Ethics, Conscientious Objection - Virtual Mentor, 15(3), March 2013: 249-256. 

Telling - Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 2(2), Fall 2012: E1-E4.

Invited Talks

with linked audio

Ethics and Literature: Clinical Approaches - Program in Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ - Oct 2012

Global Health Ethics in Richard Selzer’s 'Imelda' - Medical Ethics and Health Policy | Univ of Penn - Aug 2011 

Invited Talks & Guest Lectures

Narrative Ethics and Global Health - Plenary, Workshop in Narrative Ethics | Columbia University - Apr 2016

Narrative from the Perspective of HIV in South Africa - Humanities Institute and School of Med | Duke Univ - Nov 2015

Narrative, Global Health, and the Ethical Deliverance of Others - Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics - Apr 2015

Malaria and the Onset of Kenyan Literature - Department of Anthropology | Stanford University - Oct 2014

The Medical Literature of 1930s Kenya - Center for African Studies | Stanford University - May 2014

Literature at Life’s End: A Conversation with Sunita Puri, MD - Humanities Center | Stanford University - Feb 2014

Literary Practice and Criticism in Medicine - Program in Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ - Apr 2013

Forms of Global Health - English Dept and Mellon Committee on Health and Humanities | Emory Univ - March 2013

Narrative in Withdrawal of Care - Geriatrics and Gerontology | Weill Cornell Medical College - May 2012

Narrative Ethics for End-of Life - Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology | Weill Cornell Medical College - Nov 2011 

The Duties of Science in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein - Narrative Medicine | Columbia Univ - Sept 2009 

Papers at Conferences & Workshops

Nigeria, its Literatures, and Novel Perspectives on Health - Annual Mtg | African Studies Association - Dec 2016

Health and Modern Literature in Kenya- Annual Meeting | African Literature Association - Apr 2016

Forms of Delivery in South Africa - Annual Meeting | American Comparative Literature Association - March 2016

On Global Health and Reading Publics - Annual Meeting | Modern Languages Association - Jan 2016

Ethics and Literatures of Public Health: The Case of Kenya - Annual Mtg | Modern Languages Assoc - Jan 2016

African Literature and Histories of Indigenous Medicine - Annual Meeting | African Studies Association - Nov 2015

Paul Farmer and Fiction: Two Approaches to Ethics - Annual Mtg | Am Soc for Bioe Humanities - Oct 2015

Ebola, Outbreak Narratives, and the Deliverance of Others - Mellon Biennial Conference | Columbia Univ - Apr 2015

Jomo Kenyatta and the Literature of Public Health - Science, Technology, and Innovation in Africa | MIT - Nov 2014

Global Health Ethics: a Literary Contribution - Annual Mtg | Am Society for Bioethics and Humanities - Oct 2014

Situating the Literary and Medical in Facing Mount Kenya - Medical Humanities in Africa | Univ of Cape Town - Aug 2014

Kenya and Literatures of Tropical Medicine - Annual Mtg | Am Comparative Literature Association - March 2014

Fiction and Refusal: Melville and Conscientious Objection - Am Society for Bioethics and Humanities - Oct 2013

Literary Form in Tropical Medicine - Mellon Biennial Zuckerman Conference | Columbia University - Apr 2013

Reports from the Field (mod) - Medicine, the Humanities and the Human Sciences | Columbia University - Apr 2013

On Narrative Deliberation in Selzer’s Mercy Stories - Annual Mtg | Am Society for Bioethics and Humanities - Oct 2012

Paterson’s Pamphlet and the Writing of Malaria - Annual Mtg | Northeast Modern Languages Association - Mar 2009

Reports, Reviews & Interviews

submission for Humanities Futures working group. Global Health and Comparative Literature: Perspectives from HIV in South Africa, John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University, Nov 2015.

excerpted interview. Defining Medical Humanities, for Stanford Humanities Center: Home of the Human Experience, Spr 2014.

with Snow RW, J Omumbo and J Ouma. The Epidemiology, Politics and Control of Malaria Epidemics in Kenya: 1900-1998, Report for the World Health Organization, July 1999.