On the Trust

The originating Trust on Education and Research was established to honor Professor Chinyere and Dr (Mrs) Chinelo Ikoku, with an endowment partially derived from their lifelong work obtaining educations, teaching students, and conducting research in university, public, and private spheres. Such work spanned three continents and was completed over six decades: with primary through university education in Southern and Northern Nigeria, graduate education and university teaching in the United States, training and consultancy in Europe, then a move back to Nigeria (at the request of its vice president) to establish and teach in the earliest departments of engineering and finance — at the University of Port Harcourt — where they developed a generation of Nigerians to become highly trained in their respective fields.

Prof and Dr Ikoku’s work continues to serve as a source of inspiration for their communities of former students and three surviving children. But it also represents a wider history of teaching, research, and transformative work by peoples of varied African descent, who have substantively contributed to the material, cultural, and intellectual conditions of modern life in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

The Trust on Education and Research is thus dedicated to carrying out a central and galvanizing mission for recipients of support from The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations — namely to teach so that they and others may learn, and to do research so that they and others may come to know; in settings and on subjects pertaining to Africa and its global diasporas, as well as to the most underserved, disenfranchised and marginalized of the world’s communities.


The Trust’s Finances

The Trust on Education and Research was established as part of the Declaration of Trust of the Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Charitable Trusts, and is subject to the general fiduciary responsibilities outlined in the Declaration.

These include stipulations that limit appropriated spending in any given year to no more than 5% of the three-year average market value of the Trust’s current principal, with no less than half of such annual spending dedicated to work on continental Africa.

It is also expected that spending be overwhelmingly dedicated to directly benefiting low-income communities and individuals. Such stipulations are in line with best practices to ensure that the Trust continues to exist in perpetuity and that it continues to have assets to carry out its charitable purposes during that time.


The Trust’s Projects (Actual and Proposed)

The Database of Centers for Education and Research

The Report on Funding for Education and Research

The Fellowship in Education and Research

The Grant in Education and Research

The Newsletter on Education and Research