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Global Shakespeares: Archival Silence and the Figure of the Globe

Venue: Stanford Main campus, Pigott Hall (Bldg 260), Rm 216.

Speaker: Alexa Huang (George Washington University) Professor of English, Theater and Dance, East Asian Languages and Literatures, and International Affairs.

Host: Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages.

The idea of global Shakespeares has caught on because of site-specific imaginations involving early modern and modern Globe theatres that aspired to perform the globe. Seeing global Shakespeares as a methodology rather than as appendages of colonialism, as political rhetorics, or as centerpieces in a display of exotic cultures situates us in a postnational space that is defined by fluid cultural locations rather than by nation-states. This framework helps us confront archival silences in the record of globalization, understand the spectral quality of citations of Shakespeare and mobile artworks, and reframe the debate about cultural exchange. Global Shakespeares as a field registers the shifting locus of anxiety between cultural particularity and universality.

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