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Africa Table: Dickens Olewe on the Increasing Influence of Political Cartoonists and Independent Commentators in Kenya

Venue: Encina Hall West (417 Galvez Mall), Room 202, Stanford main campus

Host: Center for African Studies

Speaker: Dickens Olewe of The Star, Kenya, and John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford.

Operating in an increasingly hostile media environment, the Kenyan media has unwittingly outsourced hard hitting and investigative journalism to cartoonists and independent commentators. A mixture of repressive media laws and commercial interests has seen the media appear uninterested in its watchdog role.

Join journalism pioneer Dickens Olewe as he discusses the outsourcing of journalism in Kenya. Olewe is the founder of African SkyCAM, a drone journalism project. He is currently working on developing best practice guidelines to encourage responsible and safe use of UAVs in journalism. Olewe has launched several innovative approaches to journalism, including at the Star newspaper a project on collaborative journalism that involved citizens contributing stories through a mobile app. He also lead the creation of a health data portal to kickstart data journalism in the newsroom. As webmaster and digital content manager of Star newspaper, he created and executes the company's digital strategy. Olewe also advises, a mobile news startup in Kenya.