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Spectacle & Sovereignty: Stately Bodies on Display

Time: Jan 23, 1pm-8pm and Jan 24, 9am-5pm.

Venue: Stanford Humanities Center Board Room

Host: Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Description: This workshop focuses on the politics, aesthetics, and ethics of masculinity and femininity in the making of iconic men and women who have become globally recognizable, often under the sign of “father/mother of the nation.” The workshop thus seeks to bring to the fore the performative dimensions of sovereignty — widely conceived to range from notions of autonomy to exercise of authority — as these become visible in the calculated displays of political and stately bodies. We are particularly interested in understanding how image and media cultures work to turn flesh-and-blood bodies into spectacles in public and performative contexts, and are especially sensitive to the gendered dimensions of such spectacular performances.

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