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Conference on the Jewish 1968 and its Legacies

Venue: Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS) Rm 101, Stanford main campus.

Hosts: The Taube Center for Jewish Studies and the Department of Religious Studies.

1968 is considered a watershed year in the transformation of American culture and politics, much of it driven by students and youth. Young Jewish activists set in motion changes that would transform Jewish life for the remainder of the century. A radical Zionism emerged that revived the older Marxist traditions through a New Left filter, at the same time the Jewish Defense League merged the right-wing nationalism of Revisionist Zionism with the postures of Black Power. Other Jewish students identified with the New Left formulated their own approaches to Judaism through havurot and alternative spiritual traditions including a new embrace of Orthodoxy and Hasidism. Feminism challenged Judaism and Jewish communal life in fundamental ways. These young Jews of the baby boom generation re-envisioned the American Jewish landscape including its educational, religious, and ethnic structures. This conference will focus on the legacies of 1968 to stimulate a conversation about memory, legacy and politics that has yet to be fully explored. For more see conference site.