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Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark

Venue: Munger Conference Center, Paul Brest Hall (East).

Host: The Annual Kieve Distinguished Speaker Lecture. Through the generosity of the Anne and Loren Kieve Distinguished Speaker Fund, the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity brings leading scholars, public intellectuals, and artists to address the Stanford community on vital issues relating to race and ethnicity.

Speaker: Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark, will give a lecture titled, "The Looking Glass University: Listening to Strangers and Tending to Democracy." 

Description: As colleges and universities, both public and private, increasingly attend to our public mission - ­ to be a place of innovation, opportunity, and collaboration - ­ it behooves us to look carefully and broadly outside the academy to better hone our skills for work with publics, for public purposes, in public, as political theorist Harry Boyte calls us to do. In a landscape paradoxically characterized by fluid demography and entrenched racial biases, easy connectivity and all too rare genuine communication, geographic mobility and increasing populations stuck in place, disruptive innovation and growing inequality, the task of thoughtfully engaging our public mission with appropriate reflection on who we are, how we are seen, and what we shall do requires humility not altogether familiar in higher education. Yet carefully building those bridges and reinforcing the social infrastructure of collaboration can yield sustained impact, as many institutions are seeing, changing our reflection in the public looking glass.