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Mark Fleishman on Performance and Migration in Cape Town

Venue: Encina Hall West, Room 219, 417 Galvez Mall.

Host: Join the Center for African Studies for our weekly lunchtime lecture series, Africa Table.

Speaker: Mark Fleishman is Professor of Theatre, University of Cape Town, South Africa. He has contributed articles to journals and chapters for books but the main body of his research has been realized through production. He is a director of Magnet Theatre, has created 18 new works for the company over 20 years, and is involved in a number of projects in urban townships and rural communities.

In his talk he will discuss his latest research examining Cape Town’s performance as a city defined by both migration and mobility. His examination of the conceptual and actual route between Cairo to the Cape is of particular interest to grad students focused on performance, postcolonial cities, migration, and community-based projects.