Our Governance

The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations are governed respectively by a Board of Trustees and a set of Advisory Boards of Directors. The basic architecture of the three-board system is defined by the Declaration of Trust of the Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Charitable Trusts and by the By-Laws of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations, each formally established by Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku. Through a set of complementary roles, these three boards carry out the essential fiduciary duties normally associated with a board of trustees, while also ensuring that adequate attention is paid to the quality and progress of planning, policy, operations, and core contributions toward the Trusts' and Foundations' complementary missions and charitable purposes.

The Board of Trustees is primarily charged with receiving, holding, and managing donated assets and other property for the Chinyere and Chinelo Ikoku Foundation and the Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku Foundation. The Board of Trustees is also tasked with developing and evaluating long-range strategy, planning, and policy, and with approving major budgets and capital projects, overseeing plans for endowment spending and growth, and engaging other non-financial matters of significant and enduring importance. As ex-officio trustees, the President and Treasurer coordinate such affairs of the Board of Trustees with those of the Advisory Boards of Directors of The Ikoku Foundations.

Each of the Ikoku Foundations is guided by an Advisory Board of Directors, larger in membership than the Board of Trustees, tasked in part with providing counsel to leadership and trustees on medium-to-long-range strategic directions, planning, policy, and priorities. Still, the primary fiduciary duities of each Advisory Board are to the ongoing operations of their respective Ikoku Foundations, and to the fulfillment of the Trusts' specifying charitable purposes through each foundation. The Advisory Boards carry out these responsibilities largely through the operation of several standing and visiting committees, overseen by and reporting to Advisory Board members.

Together, the three Boards work to ensure the health, vision, and perpetuity of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations  led by the President and Chair, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, and Treasurer, Ijeoma Chinwe Ikoku, who serve as ex-officio members on the three boards.

Overview of Founding and Governing Structure: